Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA)

One of Germany’s “big players” in real estate business

BImA was founded in 2005 by law as a follow-up-institution of the Federal Property Administration in order to manage the Federal Republic´s Real Estate according to modern commercial business principles.

As part of the general modernization of federal administration, the federal government decided to pool its real estate interests. Therefore over the last years the property of Federal Republic´s Real Estate has been transferred step by step into the ownership of BImA. The development of a standardized inter-ministry system of real estate management for Public Real Estate, which can be adopted for all the real estate used by the federal government for official purposes, allows efficient use of real estate properties.

BImA is Germany´s Federal Real Estate service provider. With a balance sheet of nearly 25.8 billion euros and an amount of yearly 2.3 billion euros from sales and rental income given to the Federal Republics Budget, BImA has become one of Germany´s “big players” in real estate business.

Anniversary brochure gives an overview

In 2015 BImA celebrates its tenth anniversary of founding. For this occasion we have brought out an anniversary brochure. It will give you an overview of ten years of BImA – its structure, portfolio and wide tasks.

Member of Pure-net

Besides our national tasks, BImA is proud to be a constant and active member of the international Public Real Estate Network (PuRE-net) since 2007.